Christmas Pictures... I'm Late

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Christmas Pictures... I'm Late

I really can't afford a studio this year and all I have is my P&S, also I have left photos now to the last minute, any advice on getting good shots with P&S that I could use to put together a Christmas card with my girls. I'm decent at photo editing so designing a layout and printing won't take long, I'll just print them at a 1 hour photo lab if needed.

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I just took ours today, working on them now so I can get a card ordered. Just take something easy in front of your tree or an evergreen outside. That's just a classic look. Or have the girls in their pajamas holding their stockings.

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I haven't done Christmas pictures yet either but I have some from about a month or so ago with both my kids in their jammies on my bed upstairs. I think those should be good enough for a Christmas card. Smile In the past I've done simple pictures in front of the Christmas tree. When it was just my daughter, I put one of her small white chairs in front of the tree and put here there and snapped away. I only had a P&S back then. They turned out cute! And the next year after that my son was here and since he couldn't crawl or sit up, I put him on his belly in front of the tree and my daughter was right next to him on her belly. Then I sat her up and told her to hold my son in her arms and that was our Christmas card that year Smile do whatever you like!

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Mine this year came from me practicing shooting my Christmas tree. I threw a chair by the tree and had DS stand up on it and "look" at an ornament. He thought he was decorating Smile I didn't do a layout. just had cards that I inserted the prints into and voila. done!

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you've gotten great ideas already. another fun thing to do is to have them holding wrapped presents or oversized ornaments (if you have them).

I'd say keep the clothing simple, in similar colors. Jammies are always a fun idea.

I'd probably try a group shot in front of the tree or outside near something green. And then individual shots, just in case the group shot is a no-go.

Just start shooting. I'm sure you'll come up with something you'll be happy with. Smile


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Great ideas from everyone....can't wait to see what you end up with Smile (you too Gwen!!!)

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I love the jammies idea. I was going to do that, but never did. I took a few in front of the tree the other day, and I like how Ruthie's turned out. Randy's, ah, not so much. Too noisy and too slow of a ss.

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we did a few different sets but my favorite def was the jammies! i had him hold a little winter bear and read a christmas book and i love the way they turned out! good luck, i cant wait to see what you come up with Smile