Cloudy Day (CC Please)

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Cloudy Day (CC Please)

I am definitely more in my element on a cloudy day or in the shade. We had a cloudy day yesterday, so I decided to take Carson out for some photos to practice. I'd love feedback on everything, but I'm really kinda wondering about the brightness. I have recently printed out some photos and they seem darker than what I'm seeing on my screen (not calibrated, and not sure when I'll be able to). In the past, I've over-brightened, so I've been trying to tone it down a bit.

I shot some of these in raw, but I gotta tell ya, I have no clue where to start with editing them, so I just edited the jpeg version instead. I'm beginning to wonder what all the hype is with shooting in raw! LOL! Just glad I shot these in both.

ISO 400
Focal Length 109mm

ISO 400
Focal Length 55mm

ISO 400
Focal Length 84mm

This one I decided to do in b&w. I'm not normally a b&w person, but thought I'd give it a try on this one since the mood kinda fit. I'd love to know how this conversion looks.

ISO 400
Focal Length 55mm

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great job rocking the overcast day!!!!!

They look plenty bright to me. I love the first one - his eyes look amazing! #2 and #3 look a little yellow to me.

I love your conversion for the last one. Looks great! With that mood, you might try adding a texture or some grain as well.



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These are very nice!

These look just the right level of brightness to me. Some printers print darker than others. I find that WHCC prints much darker than MPIX for example.

I'm not feeling the BW...just needs more oomph. The back wall is just so grey...wish it were darker. Maybe a heavy vignette or grunging it up somehow would help. Is the focus on that one soft?

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Ditto Amber. I love that your colors are consistent. WTG!

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I do think that the focus fell more on his jacket on the last one. I'll have to give the b&w another play and see what I can come up with.

I'll have to do some test prints at MPIX. The last ones I had done for some 4x6's were just done at Walgreens 1hr, so I'll be it was just a quality issue then. I need to be a little less impatient sometimes Wink

Thanks for the feedback!

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They look awesome! I seriously LOVE the first one. Great comp, amazing eyes!

I'm not feeling the B&W either. I don't know how to do good B&W so can't really say, just wonder if trying to increase the contrast a touch might help?

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Great shots, Steph!! These look awesome!!!

Give the BW another go, I'd love to see what you come up with! I agree with PP about it "needing" something.

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I think they look bright enough. I really like the B&W, but agree something is off about it. Of course I have no advice on how to make it pop though Smile

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I think the cheeks are a bit blown. You might want to tone down a bit, otherwise I like it. Great job!

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The first one is my favorite--very captivating! I also like #2 and #3 a lot. For me, #4 is just not quite there. The composition is good; I just wish I knew what he was looking at. He's got such beautiful eye contact in all the others (I'm jealous!)

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I too love shooting under cloudy/overcast skies!! lol Exposure looks good except on my 2nd work computer where the cheeks are slightly too bright/blown but I think it's this monitor--it makes other pics look off too.

The 3rd pic looks more yellow than the first two. In the B&W his face looks soft. But I like your conversion.

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His cheeks only look slightly blown to me. Doesn't bother me too much. I really love the first one and his little shy grin. Soo cute!
I'm not loving the b&w. It's almost like his jacket kind of blends in to the background, the shades are too similar maybe. Other than that, the conversion looks good.

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I agree, love the first 3! Great eye contact and light!!! His cheeks are a bit bright, but I tend to like brighter photos.

As for the b&w, kind of dull....not quite working here.

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Looks like I have to get my b&w another try! Thanks for all the feedback guys!