Cole's 5 month shoot - photography hiatus!

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Cole's 5 month shoot - photography hiatus!

Hi everyone!

Sorry to just drop in like this but I am way out of the photography mode. I haven't touched my camera since last month when I did the 4 month shoot for my kiddos and honestly had no desire to do it again this month. The photos show it too! I'm just not feeling it right now! I thought I would share anyway. I am always open to CC so feel free if you want. I hope everyone is well! Enjoy this spring weather Smile

Settings - D300, 50mm, 1.8-2.2, varying shutter, iso - 200, natural light, no reflector (should have grabbed it!!!)






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Aww you have the paper floor too? Love it! I love all of these, just feel they need to be a little warmer maybe? His eyes are amazing in all of them! Smile sorry you haven't been "feeling it" lately with the camera!

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I think those arwe wonderful- his eyes are amazing and he's such a cutie. I agree they seem a tad cool, but I think it works in this set.

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So cute!! Love #1 and 2! They seem blue to me, but I'm not calibrated.

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Sorry you haven't been feeling the photo vibe, hopefully that means you have been able to put energy into other passions! I can't believe how fast they grow up!

You didn't really ask for CC, but I think you got a few cute shots ot of the shoot!

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He's adorable!

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Awww! He's a doll! Love #1! I think that's my fav! I agree, they are a tad bit cool. Try to warm them up a bit! The wood floor is rolled up in the back left. I am sure that can be easily fixed though.

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I wish I could get detail in Eva's eyes like that, but hers are such a dark brown that the most I can get is some solid caramel-y highlight in the lower half. So I would love to photograph someone blue-eyed! Smile

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Im so bad at "freezing" my photos!! Thank heavens for Pioneer Woman and her warmer action!!