Color Check Needed

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Color Check Needed

Hey guys.

DH re-configured and moved our desktop computer all around a few days ago which made my calibration all wonky. Re-color calibrated yesterday and would love a color check to make sure things look as good on other computers as they look on mine.

Here are a few from my very quick and informal "christmas card" session with my boy yesterday.

1. I'm worried that this one may be slightly green or cyan.

IMG_1501 copy FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_1496 EDIT FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_1719 EDIT copy FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_1667 copy FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_1687 EDIT FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr

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So beautiful. I think the first two do look just a tiny bit cyan but hardly.

I just love that red foliage bokeh and his sweater.

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I'm lousy with colour. I think only the second one looks a touch cyan, but like I said, I'm not good with this stuff, so take that for what it's worth (i.e. not much!). They are fantastic shots, though!!

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The first two look green to me, especially around his forehead and cheeks, the others look fine to me

# 4 is my fave of the beautiful bunch


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I agree with Amy. It's just a TAD though.