Is the colour on these ok?
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Thread: Is the colour on these ok?

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    Default Is the colour on these ok?

    I am going to start editing this batch of photos. Before I get started, what do you think of the colour? They are all reasonably similar so if I am going to fix something I may as well fix it as going through them all.


    P.S. Any other opinions are also welcome. I was out trying to 'see' the light and get better light in their eyes with more even skin tones.

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    Color seems fine to me on my uncalibrated monitor. Exposure on #1 looks pretty good, and you got the light in the eyes that you were after. The lighting on #2 is off, unfortunately The light looks like it's coming from the side and from the back. Rotating her a little more toward the camera right could have given that great directional light. The light also looks a bit harsh on this one (due to the blown spots on her arm and neck). with the time of day that it was, you may have been better off with backlighting. Your angle being a little above her could have got some light in her eyes from the sky. But I gotta say, I still really like this, because of that sweet look on her cute little face!
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    Colour looks good to me as well. I agree with all of Steph's comments.

    Your daughter's cherubic face and curly hair makes me smile every time I see her picture, by the way!

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    Agree with all the previous comments!

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