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Hi all

Just wondering which conversion you prefer and/or which one you think would look best on canvas.

Thanks in advance


Black and White

Sepia based Black and white

Or Vintage inspired

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My personal favorite is the 2nd b&w conversion. I like high contrast, which this one has, but it's not too bright on the whites.

I've never printed a canvas, so I can't make a recommendation for that. This really is a lovely shot and I like your conversions. Smile


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Tough one. I love them all!!! I would go with either the 1st B&W or the sepia. I have a thing for sepia!

ETA: As far as with B&W to go with, my monitors here at work SUCK, so I can't really give a good opinion on which B&W I like best.

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I do love the original, and for the conversions, I agree on the 2nd B&W as the best B&W. And with the sepia ones, I LOVE LOVE the vintage-inspired one!!!! Smile this is a great photo.

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I agree about number 2!

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BTW I would love to hear your vintage-inspired technique if you're willing to share? Smile

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I love the vintage look in photos so I'm a bit bias. #6 is my favourite.

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I like the regular black and white best. Another for #2

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i like the second b&w the best as well Smile very nice

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Thanks guys. I appreciate your opinion.

Sadie(gee I love that name Biggrin ) I am not good on the tutorial side of things but I will go into the file and give you a step by step for the vintage one. I love it too Biggrin

I did post these on another board I am on and they all love # 3 for the b & w. I do wonder if it has something to do with the forum colours the with the green and the other board I am on is a grey colour? all you colour experts might have something to say about that!

Thanks again.

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Another for the second B&W. I'm not a fan of the vintage inspired ones. The last one looks like it has a glow to me.

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What a sweet pic! I like the 2nd one the best...I'm trying to learn about all things color so I'll be watching this for input!