converting film strips to CD?

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converting film strips to CD?

Hello ladies... i lurk here sometimes.. and I was just wondering if you ladies know of any place that will take film (35mm) that's already been processed and convert them into digital files on a CD or DVD.

I was looking through my wedding album (MIL hired some lady to take our pictures) and I never realized how horrible they are! Most of them are overexposed and they all have this white dot in the upper right hand corner... these pictures need some serious help!!! I'm a huge scrapbooker, so I'd love to be able to play with these (and maybe even have a picture of us on our wedding day in a photo frame displayed in our house!)

Thanks!! Smile

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I know they make scanners that can do this, but if you don't want to invest in a scanner, I think you can get it done at places like Ritz Camera.

I inherited a bunch of slides, film negatives, and very old pictures when my grandmother passed away last year so I've been looking into one of the flat bed scanners that will handle all 3 formats.

I just did a quick look on Amazon and they have this really simple little scanner that might work for you:

It only has 1 review (though a decent one) and it's really reasonably priced. You might consider something like this.



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I was going to say scanning them. Around here, we have a Bedford Camera & Video that could do that.

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I think Costco does it. And there's a service that will do it for you - check Groupon because I've seen deals for it. If I get an email with it, I'll let you know. Smile

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