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cool posing tips video

One of the really talented ladies who used to frequent this board posted a video to her photography facebook page today and it was just too good to not share it here.

It's called "It's All About the Jaw Line" by a really talented head shot photographer named Peter Hurley (click his name to go to his site).

It's pretty detailed and lasts for about 15 minutes - well worth the watch if you have time. Biggrin


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I've seen this before, and I kinda hate his put your face forward approach. I know he's a huge name in headshot photography, but I feel like people need to feel natural. I prefer to achieve this exact same effect by being slightly above my subject. I happen to know that this photog hates that approach, so, you know..different strokes for different folks.

But, personally, I prefer to be just a touch above (really just a touch, not way above) the subject so that the jawline is accentuated while the client is doing what they would normally do. Instead of doing something strange, they simply look at me as though we are having a conversation and they look completely natural. I think that it's especially important for people who are not models or actors to be as comfortable and natural as possible. They are usually already freaked out enough by the camera that having me tell them to hold their head in this completely awkward and unnatural position just makes their stiffness and unease with the camera worse.