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So I got my butt outside this morning for the COTW challenge which I had so much fun with.... fun is not a high on my priority list at the moment so it was good to get out there.

Anyway I entered my pic for the COTW in the thread but wanted to share a couple more I got and would love your thoughts on them.

Don't know what happened but the colour seems a little off to me in this one, although its SOOC except for the watermark.

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I just love that first one. The others are nice, but I don't think quite as nice as that first one. With the color worked in would be awesome too.

Off to check the COTW thread to see what goody you put in there. ETA: Good choice! LOL

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#1 is also my fav. 2 & 3 are showing a tad dark on my monitor. For #4, the composition isn't doing much for me.

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I just love those flowers. I had a go at them a couple of weeks ago and got some good ones, I would have entered one of those but I know the challenges are supposed to be done during that week so I went back out there. I might have another bash at them before we move from this house.

Here are a couple more.. I love spring.... my MIL has such nice flowers.

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Oooh I like the purple flowers, especially the last one!