COTW - All That Glitters (ends 6/23) *** deadline extended!

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COTW - All That Glitters (ends 6/23) *** deadline extended!

Congrats to Tracy (TracyF) for winning the "Signs" COTW! As winner, Tracy gets to select our next topic and she has chosen "All That Glitters" for our assignment.

Like our "Signs" challenge, this theme leaves a lot of room for interpretation and I cannot WAIT to see what you guys capture and share! From the bling of a tricked out camera case to sunshine to dew drops, there are just so many things that sparkle and shine in our lives. So get out there and snap it! Smile


P.S. I know the 2 entries we already have are going to be tough to compete with, but I've extended the deadline through 6/23, so let's see a few more entries before I close this one out!

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Placeholder for now:

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Tracy, great minds think alike, you and I are usually running parallel Smile I just put up some raindrops on grass etc. too!

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new kicks for the soccer pitch (& bling-y shin guards too)!


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Ice on the leaves this morning

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