COTW - Color (extended until 12/12)

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COTW - Color (extended until 12/12)

As the winner of our Leaf COTW, Kristen (kris10gal) has chosen our next challenge to be COLOR!

Now get out there and find the color in your world!

Submissions will end 12/12 and voting will begin 12/13.


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Festive by Little Flores Photography, on Flickr

Nothing fancy here, just some Christmas tree light bokeh.
SOOC 85mm f1.8 1/15 ISO250

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hoping this is extended, I really do want to play!

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Ack! I still need to get one done too!

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the cotw is a bit behind isn't it?

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extend it one week or two?

let me know.


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extended one week then! voting starts next Monday (12/13).


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Guess maybe this should of been Antique :0)

But I just love the color I pulled out of this roof and the scenery. If I can get a cool Christmasy photo I will probably change it

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I love the color combo in this one. Especially since I fixed his blue face.

cotw color by amberbella, on Flickr

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I didn't have much time when taking this and haven't been able to re-touch at all. I took it last minute at Thanksgiving and thought it would be a good subject for this challenge.

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I don't know if I'm late, but I have one to enter.

Christmas tree bokeh Smile
christmas 1

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My entry...The snowglobe is colorful Smile

2010-12-11 01

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My colourful Dragonfly bokeh! Smile

dragonfly2 by JamieMarie1, on Flickr

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