COTW - Peace (ends 01/09)

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COTW - Peace (ends 01/09)

Congrats to Tracy (TracyF) for winning the Abstract COTW! As winner, Tracy gets to select our next topic and she has chosen "Peace" for our assignment.

What better time to contemplate Peace as we say good-bye to 2011 and begin to embrace 2012. Let's see what kind of peace you can find in your world.


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My placeholder....I grabbed this copy from my FB page so it might look garbled....

My sweet amazing daughter helps me find peace in a very difficult year we've had.

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it looks amazing!



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Great shots ladies! I took one today, just got to edit it. Randall is using the laptop now....

ETA my pic....not the best, but it will do! I adore watching him sleep!

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mine is more of a snap, but is there anything more peaceful than a nap w/ a warm dog on a cold day? Smile


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Just something different from everyone else's... I seem to have a hard time capturing my kids at peace, like the rest of you have been able to do! Smile Anyway, here's a different take on peace (edited with texturing and a painterly effect in GIMP):
Waiting for Snow (slight edit)

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My entire family have been unwell with nasty colds over the holiday period, Zack was the worst affected by far. A few days ago he was feeling well enough to watch some tv, leading to a bit of peace & quiet for the 1st time in about 10 days, lol!

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This is the first time I've posted anything for a COTW. I thought I'd follow suit with a holiday picture of a sleeping baby. This is Aiden. Smile


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