COTW photos... not sure!

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COTW photos... not sure!

Can I get some feedback on these photos? Yesterday, I was attempting to take something for the COTW, and I am really not thrilled with any of these. Some don't seem to be obviously "school", and some are just not that great. Not sure if any of them work, not sure if B&W is better or not... ???

I'll also post the school supplies shot I currently have on the COTW thread. Let me know what you think/like/don't like?! Thanks!! Smile





#5 - Really wish I'd moved to my right a foot or so, to get her head against a plain wall rather than the darker door...


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#8 (my current COTW entry)

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my personal favorite is #7!

But they're all really great representatives for the 'school' challenge!


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I agree. I love #7.

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My vote is for #7 as well!

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Cool, thanks! The others were all semi (or totally!) staged shots, but #7 just happened yesterday. She sat down to practice her letters, she was perfectly positioned for me to take the shot, and the light was good.

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I liked 7 best also!

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I have to vote #7 because that is very similar to the set up I had for mine. I'll have to come up with something different now Smile

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Thought for sure I posted here, but yes, I agree, #7!