COTW - Self Representation (ends 9/19)

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COTW - Self Representation (ends 9/19)

The winner of the Panning challenge turned out to be me (THANKS GUYS!), so that means I get to pick the next challenge.

So without further ado ... our next COTW will be - Self Representation!

Think of this like the Ultimate Self Portrait, except that it doesn't have to be a self portrait. It CAN be a self portrait, but it doesn't HAVE to be one. Wink Post a photo that you feel shows just who you are at this point in your life.

HAVE FUN and let's see what you guys come up with!


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Here's mine ... I took it back on Sep 6, but have been behind in my post-processing. Wink

sep 6

I'm doing project 365, with a focus on me on Mondays. So the Monday I took this, I went in pursuit of the letter G for my name. Here's what I captured in a matter of five minutes that day.

sep 6

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This is the best I got. How my daughter sees me all. the. time.

2010-09-19 01

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GREAT job guys! Very creative! I soooo meant to do this over the weekend, but failed.....

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Great job. I meant to do this also but forgot!

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Cool shots! I had every intention of doing this also, with hubby's help this weekend, but failed Sad

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Here's mine for now. I took it today. I didn't bother flipping it so that it reads Canon. Blum 3

This is me... by loidaeg, on Flickr

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