COTW - Shoes/Feet (ends 06/17)

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COTW - Shoes/Feet (ends 06/17)

Congrats to Tracy (TracyF) for winning the 'Details' COTW! As winner, Tracy gets to select our next topic and she has chosen "Shoes/Feet" for our assignment.

I look forward to seeing just what is at your feet!

Have Fun!

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That's cute because last night I did a photoshoot of Eva and I took extra pics of her feet, because she has these new bejeweled sandals that I am in love with, LOL

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Ohhh I have a couple of ideas, hopefully I'll get to try them out.

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IMG_4796 by willis2485, on Flickr

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LOVE this challenge. Love the two previous entries! Great job ladies.

This is all I had. It was fun though!

DSC_0592_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

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Not the greatest but this will be my place holder.

IMG_8111_B&W_B by Arivea, on Flickr

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Mine, maybe a placeholder. I have two other ideas but don't know if I can get to them this week.
Trike Turn

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Here's mine. If it is too late NOT a big deal. I had tons of fun with this too and had several to decide between!!

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