a couple campus shots for CC

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a couple campus shots for CC

Trying to mix it up a little with some non-nature shots, so as I took a 15-minute "photo walk" on campus yesterday, I took a few architecture/building type shots....taken with my 75-300mm lens.

Please CC, do these do anything for you? do they look good, or boring? is my PP too much?

#1. SS 1/160, f/4, 88mm, ISO 400

#2. SS 1/160, f/4.5, 124mm, ISO 400

And OK you know me, I couldn't resist this guy, what a pose!!! aaaaaaa!!!!! LOL

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Ha ha, that last one is too cute!

#1, I like it. The PP works for me. The only thing I'm wondering is if the fountain might've been better taken from a slightly different angle. Perhaps a little to the left or something. I'm not really sure, just thinking since it's dead center (which works for me in this case), perhaps centering it in its environment too would make it even more compelling. But I don't know -- just a thought.

#2, Really nice exposure and I like the lights on the building as well as the placement of the tree.

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#1-Hmmm, I do like it...but I am not really into architectural shots either. That being said, it looks good to me. Good contrast, nice background.

#2-This one doesn't really do much for me, if the tree were in an empty field it would be to die for, as the tree itself is beautiful, but I think the building takes away from that.

#3-SO SO cute! I don't get to see squirrels very often around here, and I LOVE them (being from Illinois and all). What a cute shot! Definitely my fave! Good capture!

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Just a lurker who knows absolutely nothing about photography but I LOVR the first one. They are all very beautiful.

I really like the contrast and color on all. Of course, this is just to my very untrained eye. Wink

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The leaves on 2 look neonish. I would tweak the green.

The squirrel orange legs seem to have issues too - Your reds are blown in the palms and face.

Aside from that it looks lovely.

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Thanks all!

In regards to the fox squirrel, those are its true colors; should I really mess with it? what's the best way, if I were to try to "fix" the paws/face?

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I really like these! I like how #1 the fountain is nice and crisp, yet you can still see the movement in the water.

#3, cute squirel! Love it!

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#1 doesn't really do much for me for some reason. I can't put my finger on it.

I like the way the branches are framing in #2. It's also a really neat looking tree!

After being chased by a squirrel when I was little, I've not liked them since Wink

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Thanks for the replies! Smile

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Here is a 2nd edit of the tree one...since the first one's leaf colors were a tad too much...better?

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Love your second edit, Amy!

These are really nice! I really like that fountain, too! It's really cool-looking!

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Thanks Jen!!

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I don't have any cc Amy. Seriously, I think you rocked these! I am not into this kind of photography, but you always know how to draw my eye to the object!