a couple for CC

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a couple for CC


Well after a lovely relaxing christmas holiday I had a chance to work with more of the shots from my newborn shoot.

The light was pretty bad Sad

SS: 1/80
Ap: 4.0
ISO: 800

Also, how's my conversion?

SS: 1/15
Ap: 3.5
ISO: 800

SS: 1/25
Ap: 4.0
ISO: 800

her last name, obviously...

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she's such a cutie!

I think your conversion is nice ... but she seems really bright. can you tone her down a tiny bit and re-convert? just curious. love how peaceful the second one is. Smile

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Great job on getting more practice!

The conversion on the first one is a bit off. I dunno maybe add more contrast? Also, the hand chop bothers me a bit.

The second one looks good. Maybe add a bit of color to bump it up.

The third one, looks either yellow or too much cyan.

She is too cute!!!

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1) A bit bright, but I tend to lean towards brighter pics. I think it's a cute capture, but the hand chop does bother me a bit.

2) Cute, fav of the 3

3) There is something off on this one...not sure what. Maybe just the hat and the words- the colors just don't mix well to me.

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Love the last one to pieces! The first one isnt doing anything for me compositionally, but the expression you caught is so cute!

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Thanks again.... can't do anything about the had chop, it was in camera... Sad

That being said, Mum loves it so thats enough Biggrin

I love having some people photos to share and learn from too Biggrin