A couple for CC JMK

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A couple for CC JMK

Trying to get a 1 1/2 year old to take pose for pictures is so hard!! I just thought I'd share a few of the better ones I had.

2.8 1/100sec 200 iso 50mm This is cropped b/c I cut off one some of his fingers out of the orginal.

2.5 1/80sec 200 iso 50mm

2.8 1/100sec 200 iso 50mm How is my black and white conversion here?

This is the orginal

This one seems maybe out of focus but I love it. he didn't really care for the hat so its the only one I actually got of him with the hat on.

f2 1/60sec 200 iso 50mm

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Great job on getting catchlights on those lovely eyes. I am seeing issues with his skin tone, 1 - cyan/green, 2-cool/green, 4-baby is red, boy is yellow. I think this might be due to your white balance.

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You have some beautiful kids here!
#1 is my fav, but skin tones seem of here
#2 is OOF, as are most in the set... your SS was WAY slow for 2 movers, but still cute to have both in a photo (also something funky about baby's hair/head
#3 OOF and not digging the conversion. Its such a sweet capture tho. Maybe work on editing th color version to brighten and even skin tones, THEN covert and see how it looks.
#4 See above Smile
#5 OOF (you knew that), and SO cute! I love hats on kids. If that SS were higher it would hae been a GREAT shot.

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SS is way too low for these. Sad they all seem soft to me, which is telling me that you need to close up your ap some. they also seem underexposed. brighten them up some and they'll look better. I'm also seeing that your colors are all over. Are you shooting in RAW or jpg? Just wondering how you're doing your WB. I love that last one, so sweet!

And yeah, 1.5 year olds are hard ... he's gonna be hard for a couple more years yet! (sorry to be the bearer of bad news :lol:)

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I agree with what's already been offered for CC. Up your shutter speed to crisp up those shots. I found today (when I shot on black for the first time) is that it's really hard to not underexpose. I had such a hard time getting it right. If you're looking at your light meter, try to over expose based on the meter by a stop. It will help to make sure you don't underexpose.

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thanks everyone! I am going to try to take some more again. I was going to do it today but DS1 fell and now has a cut on his forhead so i'm having to wait till that clears up.

I thought I had it set on Raw but forgot to check. I actually had it set on jpg just for snap shots. I will make sure I change it before I take some more!

maricopamom3 are you talking about the babys hair line. He has lost some hair so he has this big bald spot but has a little line of hair on his forehead! Thats the only way i know how to describe his hair! Is that what you were talking about?

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I agree with other ccs that your ss is too slow. The focus is off on some of these. You have two precious ones. 1.5 is a HARD age. I am struggling with good pics of Randy too.