A couple to share from today's session

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A couple to share from today's session

Okay I suck at white backgrounds but today I had the opportunity to shoot against white.

Now I have purposely edited these to be different shades in each shot

so feel free to CC. This I first met this little girl when she was 5 and I was her and her 2yo brothers nanny for a couple of years.

SS 1/125
Ap 5.6
ISO 200

SS 1/125
Ap 6.3
ISO 200

SS 1/125
Ap 6.3
ISO 200


SS 1/125
Ap 6.3
ISO 200

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What a beautiful girl, Cazz! it must really warm your heart to see how much she's grown since you were her nanny. Smile

1. for the most part, I like this one. the arm closest to us looks a bit larger than it should - it feels out of proportion. Not sure what to do there, but I felt I should mention it. She has beautiful eyes.

2. love how great her eyes look here. focus looks really great. I'm at work, so I hesitate to comment on color, but her teeth look yellow to me, so I'm guessing wb might be a touch off. Love the way her hair cascades down as the color changes.

3. I like the conversion, but you might watnt to back off the contrast on her face just a little. it's just this side of blown. Love the rest!

4. this is my favorite of the set. I love that the focus is on her lovely eyes. I'm drawn right to them. Were this me, I'd have it up as my fb profile pic in a heart beat. Wink

Great set, Cazz! I think white backgrounds are the hardest to work with, but you did great here!


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Aww, I'd love to see what some of the little kids I've babysat for look like now. There are two that I have in mind, that were just sweethearts. I bet it's so nice to see how she has grown up Smile

1 - I like the expression on her face the best in this one. I'm just not quite sure about the arm on her head though. She looks a bit awkward.

2 - Could her eyes be any more gorgeous?? She almost looks slumped over in this one though. Not you're fault. Looks like this one needs to be a bit brighter?

3 - Her face looks a bit bright to me.

4 - I also think that this one is my favorite Smile Love the comp. Maybe brighten it just a smidge though?

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CC a comin'

#1. Not a fan of this pose. It looks very much like a pose and not natural at all. I don't know anyone who stands there with their arm balanced on their head. A bit of a...."are my pits smelly" pose. Color, clarity, and exposure are great though and you've done a really nice job with the white background.

#2. Nice....a bit plain, but nice. The background looks a touch red to me here. Maybe magenta. I didn't run the numbers to see.

#3. Not enough shadow to make this very light BW work. Her facial features are just completely disappearing. I'd bring down the mids to give a little more dimension to the photo.

#4. Definitely the best of the bunch. It would be nice to see a little more personality, but the photography itself is very nice.

When doing a headshot...it's nice to get more angle in the body. I do this by having the person sit in one place while I move myself all around. They keep their body in the same place but follow you with their eyes and head as though we were having a conversation. Really, I get the best stuff when I acutally am having a conversation with the person. That way you get realistic expressions, true smiles, and best of all....no posing whatsoever.

This movement also allows for changes in light. You've got fairly flat light here. A little more shadow would make the photos a bit more interesting for me. Play with your angles. The moving around thing is more difficult when you're working with a backdrop...but still possible if you pay attention to it.

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I agree with much of the CC already posted, but want to say I really like #4. She's a beautiful girl, you've done a great job!