couple shoot for CC

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couple shoot for CC

The last time I spent any "quality time" w/ my camera was back on June 19th when I got the chance to do these pictures of a young couple I know. Some of you guys may remember I did a photo shoot with these two back when they were in high school. She's in college now and he's heading to the army any day now (he actually had already left for basic training, had an accident that needed surgery and came home but will soon be going back).

ANYWAY ... these two have grown up right in front of me and I love them both very much. However, I really botched this shoot. I don't know if it was b/c my mind was on Logan (who was running late returning from a camp field trip) or just all the stress from my day job, but I rushed through this shoot and it shows.

These guys don't care - they just wanted a few pics together before he has to go back for round 2 of basic training. So there was no pressure or anything from them. I am not sure what happened. I have finger/hand/etc chops all over the place and some other basic composition issues, but I would still really love your thoughts on these.

Once he finishes basic training and AIT and gets assigned an official duty station, they are talking wedding bells and have asked me to eventually do engagement photos. I sure want to do a better job the next time around, so your opinions mean a lot to me.

I know there are a lot, so don't feel the need to comment on them all - just pick a couple and let me know what you think

All were taken with my 50mm at 400 ISO.

1. f/3.5 ss=1/320

2. f/3.5 ss=1/250

3. f/3.5 ss=1/500

4. f/3.5 ss=1/500

5. f/3.5 ss=1/640

6. f/3.5 ss=1/640

7. f/3.5 ss=1/500

1. f/3.5 ss=1/500

9. f/3.5 ss=1/500



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GiGi! You're being way too hard on yourself! I LOVE #1, for starters! You got some really nice shots, and I'm sure they'll be thrilled. I know especially when it's people you care about, you want to do your best, and if the shoot doesn't go as you'd hoped, it's frustrating. But you've really got some nice ones.

#1. Like I said, love it. It's my fave. Great conversion, great feel.

#2. Ditto.

#3. I like the shot, just wish her legs were tucked more to the side beneath her or something. Also, wondering since they're on a similar focal plane, if you could've opened up the ap a bit more.

#4. Great smiles, very natural! Too bad about the finger chops, but really not a big deal. And you could crop it in tighter, perhaps? Looks a shade off-colour... too magenta, perhaps? Not sure.

#5. This one doesn't do much for me compositionally, with the building at the top, etc.

#6. I like this one much better. Nice perspective, great smiles. Very natural.

#7. Nice, but I think in those spot, #6 is a better angle and doesn't have the limb chop issues.

#8. I think you did a great job with the conversion, but the textured wall makes it distracting for me. I prefer #9 with the colour; somehow the wall's texture doesn't bother me as much then. But the pose is fabulous. Very comfortable, sweet, and endearing. Her head in his chest is... awwwwwwww.

#9. So cute! I wish she wasn't laughing quite as much, because it seems self-conscious? But it's very cute. Love the kiss. Smile Colour seems a bit red or magenta again.

They will love them, GiGi!

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Thanks for the feedback, Tracy. I know I'm being nitpicky, but if they really want me to do engagement pics down the line, I just don't know if I am up to it. Not if these are an example of what I will produce for them. *sigh* And I don't know why I rushed. They didn't have anywhere else to go and neither did I. I skipped a lot of the poses I had in mind. I just got nervous and blanked out, ya know?

ANYWAY ... I'll go back and work on the color on #3 and #9. It looked OK at home, so it may be the site to which I'm uploading.

I do have a color of #8 as well:

I have another of them kissing as well that I like a lot EXCEPT that I had a HORRIBLE hand chop on it. *sigh*

They really do love the photos (even if I shudder when I look at many of them). Looks like he will be here for a few more months while he finishes healing up from his surgery (he had to have a plate put in his wrist from a fall in basic training) before he heads back to basic training. We're printing a bunch of these in wallet size so he can easily take them with him. The moms both got a few photos as well.

Thanks again for the feedback! I really need it.


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Oh ... and I just had to share this ... it's from our last shoot together (in 2012) when they were still in high school:

They look like babies! Biggrin


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They do look like babies in those earlier photos! BUT... the thing that strikes me is, wow, how much you've grown in your skills as a photographer!

I do like the colour version of #8, though I know I am inclined towards colour most of the time. Interested to hear what other people think.

As far as the last one with the hand chop, I definitely think you could crop that in tighter and still make it work. It's a great kiss shot! Biggrin

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1. This one doesn't work for me as much as #2. I feel like if they were gazing at each other, or him kissing her on the forehead or something it would work better.
2. This one I LOVE! I feel like it has a slight (very slight) slope to it though.
3. My only complaint is her short shorts. I feel like there is too much showing there. It seems a bit magenta here.
4. Seems a magenta here too. I could be totally off though. I like this one. I like the location too. Hand chop isn't too bad. Doesn't ruin it for me.
5 & 6 & 7. Six works much better here on composition. Wish his hands weren't on his crotch though! LOL! 7 seems magenta too.
8. LOVE this one in color! Works great here. Love the posing too. Such a sweet moment. Treasured moment.
9. Magenta here too I think. I think again this is a sweet pose. I wish her hand was posed a bit flatter b/c it's almost like she is pushing him away.
Kissing photo- LOVE!

GiGi- you did a great job! I would love to have these if I were them! Don't be so hard on yourself! Also, I am glad he cut his hair. I don't dislike long hair, but he looks better with shorter hair! She is gorgeous! And yes, you have GROWN!