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Just wanted to update quick while I had 5 minutes free! Things have been crazy but good crazy! We closed on our house and were moving in 2 weeks! Ive been packing like a mad woman and taking pics like crazy at the same time. I did a 1st communion, a wedding, a family of 17!, and a little girl all last week! whew. This week I have a 5 year old little girly girl which is my favorite and a wedding coming up after we move in. No need for cc just thought I would post a few quick from the wedding:) They were the best couple ever! They were married for years, had 3 kids and got a divorce. Then they started dating years later and he asked her to get remarried! They were so in love it made my job very easy.
I will be back soon with pictures of the house!!!!

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Awww that is SOOOOOO wonderful and they look SOOOOO happy. After being with my first love for 15 years and having a daughter and being through SO much, and never doubting we'd be together forever, when he divorced me suddenly it was like he died. I mourned so badly. SO I can imagine the wonderfulness of their story and how true their love must be now, and how much better. Beautiful pics!!!

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Awe Amy I'm sorry about your divorce. My mom is the same way. She was married to my dad for 17 years and then they divorced. She is still so in love with him so when I seen the couples kids and how happy they were I imagined what it would be like if my parents got back together. I told the bride that I have assisted at weddings that were 60, 70, 80 thousand dollar weddings and the small wedding they had at the courthouse was the best one I have ever been at. They were married in the hallway of the courthouse and did not have a care in the world. I surprised her with this slideshow as a gift from me. Some pics are just snaps but I wanted her to always remember this day. I overheard her say the name of their song and put in on my phone quickly. I looked the song up and made a slideshow to it. When she came to pick up her pictures I told her to sit down that I had a surprise for her. I hit play and she was shaking crying and then yelled out "Thats our song!!!'' How did you know!!" best reaction I have ever got and she appreciated it so much that it made it so worth it. Here is the slideshow (watch in 720p)

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Beautiful images to go with a beautiful love story!


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Beautiful pictures, and glad they found the love again.