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Ok, I'm a TOTAL newby! This is probably the best photo I have ever taken on my own. What do you think. Remember, I am TOTALLY knew. I figured I could go by your critiques to see what I can change and improve on. What could I have done differently or changed?

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Hi there! My name is Kelly. Nice to have youjump in on the board! There are some amazing photogs here that can help you out. I'm not the best cc'er, but I'll try. Wink

That's a handome boy there. The picture would draw you in more if he had some contact with the camera. The centered comp does not bother me as his arms draw in other parts of the frame, but try to have his eyes in the top 1/3 of the frame in addition to avoid chopping off limbs like his leg. If you MUST chop something off, try NOT to chop off at a joint. Like in this case, his knee. Smile
Would you mind posting your camera setting for this shot? It'll help us to give better cc's if we knew what shutter speed and aperature you shot at. Were you looking to blur the background? Were you freezing motin? Those types of things. The focus looks like it fell on the vest, but I can not tell for sure. Smile

Again, welcome. Can't wait to see more from you. Smile

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welcome Smile

cute pic, same cc as pp, focus isnt on face,

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Welcome. It start on posting and asking for CC. I recommend reading the stickied tutorials. They were a great help for me and it still is. I would concentrate on getting that focus nailed.

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Hi & Welcome!!

The info at the top of the board really helped me out (and still does!!). Posting your settings when taking the pic helps tremendously when giving cc. (If you don't know where to find them, just ask!) The focus seems to have fallen off of him and the composition needs some work. He's also got a limb chop for his leg. Theres SOOOOO much to remember when taking a photo. Keep practicing and posting for cc and giving cc and you will grow! Way to go for posting! Smile