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When cropping pics down, do I need to use pre-set sizes in case I ever actually print one of these? I'm sure if I crop too far it'll throw it off and look fuzzy if it's printed.

Thanks ladies Smile

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I'll attempt an answer (and I'm adding one...hope you don't mind)

Generally I think until you are ready to print you shouldn't crop b/c you may want an 8*10 or you may just want a 4*6 which are different ratios.
I use the crop feature in photoshop and you can select the size you want and it will keep that ratio. It's best to use these so you can be sure of your results

You photo's shouldn't look fuzzy when you crop unless you crop too far and are attempting to make it bigger than cropped usually by stretching. Resolution should always be 300dpi for printing.

Ok my question (well more a am I correct in thinking?)
As long are you ratio is correct i.e. 2*3, 4*5 then no matter what you actual cropping number is it will print correctly?
For example....if I want an 8*10 and my photo is a large photo and I have lots to crop out then as long as my ratio 4*5 then it doesn't matter if my actual crop is set to 24*30 or 20*25 it will always come out perfectly printed as an 8*10

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Thanks Smile That's very helpful!