cropping workflow?

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cropping workflow?

So I'm trying to figure out the general workflow of things. I want to try get better at cropping for ROT but I guess I don't always know what I want to do with the picture.

For example, I have a few pictures that dh wants 8*10 for his office (he's been bugging me for weeks at how bare it is). But I might also want to print a few 4*6 (maybe 5*7) for some family.

Do I not worry about any ROT until I have decided and then keep one edited pic at the sooc size and then crop each just as needed? What about if I just want to post, do you generally pick 4*6 as your crop/rot size?

hope this all makes sense haha, my brain is having one of those days

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I always keep the sooc and save as for images I want to print.

For clients, I crop 5x7 for gallery images.