Curious: What do you like better?

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Curious: What do you like better?

I wasn't that happy with the shots I got on my outing yesterday with my friend (midday late, sucks!!!) but I got some positive response on this image, which surprised me a bit:

But this morning I edited a different one, which I'd bypassed because it was quite crooked; but with straightening and editing, I think I really like it. It's not quite as dramatically low and I like the lines better. A bit of a different processing style too.

Which one do you guys like better? Composition, processing, overall image? I ask because I'm finding that I really suck at assessing my own images. Some things I love and get zero response from, and other things I think are blah get great response!

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The second one -- I like the contrast of the green trees.

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Second one!

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Yep, the second one! I like the extra space on the top of the frame.

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I'm gonna be the odd ball here - I really like #1 (though both a very strong images). In #2, the convergence point is almost dead center and I find I'm not sure where to look after that. My eyes seem to flow more naturally from left to right in #1.

Just that's just my $0.02 worth.

FWIW, I like the processing a whole lot in #2.


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Thanks, ladies! GiGi, you'd like #1 better with #2's processing, I guess! Smile

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I have to say #2 as well. I like the processing here but also the image to me, is more appealing. I like the space at the top, but I also just like the composition as well.

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They are both fantastic shots, I like 2 better.

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I agree, the second one! I think the first one would be great with one/or both of your kiddos sitting on the fence.

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This is a great spot for portraits, Katie. But not on that particular day, Micah had other things on his mind. Wink I think it'd be awesome to do a portrait session there, though. Between the boardwalk and the lake, it'd be ideal.

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I really like the lines in #1, but as they aren't really leading to anything exciting it isn't enough. If, on the other hand, there had been someone / something near the intersection of the lines from the two sides of the bridge then I would love this one.

As is, I like #2 better as it has the better contrast and, as a landscape, the view of the trees / hills adds more to the image.