A cute little bargain

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A cute little bargain

Last week I went to a trash bazaar and saw a gorgeous little stool that would be really cool to photograph the kids on it was $95 and we were a bit short so I didnt get it, but decided to go back this afternoon to see if it was still there......... it was AND it was reduced to $65.

I picked that baby up and didnt let it go till I paid for it Biggrin

Its just over a foot high and I just love it. A nice useful little prop that wont take up precious space. Its old and I was told I could get a load of money on ebay for it but its all mine Biggrin

The top is a leather of some kind and the wood is painted white and its clean but has ware which gives it an awesome vintage look.

Thought I'd share a pic of it

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That is one awesome looking stool!! Great find.

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That is so cool! I can just imagine the possibilities!

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Taking it to my parents today, they are having a BBQ and all the kids will be there Biggrin

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CUTE! Can't wait till we have extra $, and then I am going antique store shopping! Great little find!

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That is SO CUTE! I can't wait to see the shots you got w/ it this weekend. Smile


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neat! I wonder what the conversion rate is ... $65 seems steep to me. Wink can't wait to see it in action!