Cute one to share from today's session

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Cute one to share from today's session

This is Sophie's son Josh. She has been on here (this board) before, but has trouble logging on. Just wanted to share. c/c always welcome.


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Awe he's a cutie.

As for CC.... the only thing that is bothering me is the bottome right hand corner the dark shadow under the vest


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adorable and love the way you're using your chair.

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So cute! Love how his little finger is up and so dainty!

The only CC I have is the same as Cazz, the dark shadow under his vest. But overall the picture is great!

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I actually think the shadow adds some drama, which is appropriate for the clothing choice. It's a dressy look with adramatic lighting.

BTW, When can I come up to visit so you can help me with studio lighting? Wink

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Very cute!

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I saw this one of FB, super cute!

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I saw this on FB too! I love it! I dont mind the bend in the vest fabric either.

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Stacey, I love this! How cute! His expression is to die for and I don't think the shadow is an issue at all. Just like kel said, it adds to the photo imo!

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oh my! what a HAM you have there! I'll bet this was one fun session!