cutie 7 yr old this morning

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cutie 7 yr old this morning

My aunt gave my number to her sister in law to do pictures of her 7 yr old son. We live about 2 hours apart so we met in the middle which happened to be at the same place I did the bridals a few weeks ago (that place is just so neat). She saw the bridals and asked where it was and decided that is where she wanted to meet. Here are a few from today that I've done so far. She actually ASKED to do some "serious" ones and she wanted black and white. I think she wanted the "fashion" look b/c she kept having him do things in that nature so I went with it and edited the black and white to look somewhat "fashion" and she LOVES them.

1 (I know I chopped the tip of his feet/hands.. it's in camera and it was an in between shots, shot but his expression was better in that one than the other ones with the feet)

2 (again.. mom was telling him "don't smile")

3 a faded color version and I added a slight texture




7 i took this one when he wasn't paying attention and then just played with it in ps

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I like these but some of them seem very bright, 2 and 3 specifically. I dont mind the action on #2 but i'm diggin the yellowness it gives his skin. Texture works well though Smile
looks like a great location. Like #7 too Smile

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That is a neat location! And such a cute boy to photograph.

1 - Wish you hadn't chopped the fingers and toes. I think this would be an awesome shot with all bits intact.

2 & 3 - Like the BW better but feel like it's a little bright.

4 - Very cute shot. Also seems bright.

5 & 6 - Not digging this shot. He just looks uncomfortable with his back on that column. Just throws it off for me.

7 - Love this! Just wish I could see a bit more profile.

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that's a great location! and I like your captures of this little guy.

1. sucks about the chop ... but I really love his expression here

2. this one is too bright ... tone it down some, and I think it will be much better.

3. still too bright, especially on his right cheek.

4. I love this!!!!! everything about it really, just wonderful.

5. very cute! I like how the lines are in this photo too. I think you did a great job on the comp here, and he looks good. I much prefer the color to the B&W

7. very sweet.

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What a cutie! I think they are all fabulous, nice work! (PS, where in TX are you? I may be looking for a doula in the houston area)

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Thanks Ladies! Any suggestions on how to "tone it down"? I think it was just slightly overexposed when I took the image so I don't really know how to bring down the spots that were too bright to begin with. I don't shoot in raw b/c of my computer.. it can't handle it. It bogs it down WAY bad and I've been having serious issues with it. I need it to last me at least the next 6 months until after baby is born and we have paid everything from the birth. I use cs4 and I have camera raw, but I don't know much about "recovery" in camera raw. Any pointers? The shot against the yellow wall was BRIGHT and the spot on the wall I was leaning against was WAY bright and I had him in the shade.. so it was hard to meter for and it was reflecting bad. Full sun like that is just hard. ;p

I was so bummed I chopped his feet. I shoot with a 50mm so no "zooming" out and you know how fast kids move and how slow you move when you are on the ground, squatting, at 30 weeks need I say more? It was either take it really quick and just pray I might have gotten enough or not try.. I backed up but he was making a different expression and the angle wasn't as good. *sigh* I know his mom likes it, it just bugs *me because I know to look for that there.

I also prefer some of the color shots but mom asked me several times about black and white and then talked about how she has black and whites of him as a baby and she loves them.. so I got the impression she REALLY wanted black and whites so that's why I did both on most of them.

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Again ... I can't tell you how much I *adore* your b&w conversions! You are going to have to share your process sometime!

1. the chopped hands/feet don't bother me b/c my eye is drawn right to HIS eyes which look AMAZING! This is a great shot and I'm sure mom loves it!

2. I wish mom had had him smile some. I like this one, but I would love to see a more playful look w/ the serious attire, ya know? The tie seems a bit bright in this one.

3. I really like this faded color version. Might be a touch too much on the yellow side, but I like what you were going for here. You *might* straighten out the wall on which he's leaning. I can't decide if I like it better this way or not, but I kinda get teh feeling that his head is holding up the wall w/ that slight angle. I think either the angle needs to be more severe or you need to straighten it out.

4. LOVE THIS!!! The bare feet in that formal setting create such a fun feel. I love everything about this one. Might be fun to apply some textures and play with other looks as well. I think this one is portfolio worthy. Smile

5. Is this cropped in any way? I feel like his head it just a little too close to the edge of the photo. If you could give a little more room there, I thin kthis would be one killer shot! And as it is, it's pretty awesome. LOVE that sweater (was he OK in this heat?).

6. This is one where I actually like the color better than the conversion (& that's rare for me). I think it's because you lost the detail (blurred as it was) in the background that you can see in the color.

7. VERY SWEET! In this one he's more like a BOY again (& not a kid trying to be an adult). LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

On the ones where brightness is a concern, you could try burning those areas.

These really are wonderful and I can see why Mom loves them so much. I'm sure you'll get some awesome word-of-mouth advertising from her (you would if it were MY SON). Smile


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you can open the jpg in ACR (in CS4 go to file -> open as -> adobe camera raw and then select the file. from there you can reduce the exposure and/or brightness to see if that helps.

and I know the computer pain. I upgraded to a monster last July so that I could handle RAW (now I open 80 files at a time in ACR, I'm so bad!). hope you can get a SWEET computer when the birth is all paid for. Wink