daffodil bud, 2 edits for cc

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daffodil bud, 2 edits for cc

I was tweaking this one in my usual fashion, but it kept seeming still a little too dull to me. I have been staring at it too long I think lol. Then I tried out a vintage type edit, which is shown in #2.

Do these work, what do you think of them? are they too dull?

IMGnew3 091fxHDRsm

IMGnew3 091fxHDRvintSm

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Definitely not too dull Amy! These are gorgeous! I love how you can take something usually overlooked, and make it beautiful! I love #1!

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I agree, not too dull at all! This is beautiful and so spring!! I LOVE the vintage edit. Looks so relaxing and soft and perfect!!!! Smile

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I love #1. So sharp and crisp, great detail, beautifully composed... awesome shot, Amy.

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Thank you all! I am so glad you like it. I did love the composition and DOF. Just felt the contrast was off or something. Glad to know they "work"! Smile I also did quite a significant clone-out removal of another bud that was in the foreground but was chopped off and it distracted from the main bud....:D

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These are AWESOME, Amy! In fact, I can't pick a favorite. I'm leaning ever so slightly to #2, but it's a hard choice!

The soft nature of the processing is just PERFECT (imho)!


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I love that vintage edit!!!!

I think that the first edit looks a bit too green.

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I LOVE #1 just beautiful!

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