Debating a canvas ...

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Debating a canvas ...

I really want a canvas of my kids. But I haven't taken a photo that screams CANVAS to me.

This is the best I have from a shoot I did with the kids on Friday. It was almost noon, the sun was brutal. We're in the shade here and I hate that there are no catchlights. Jack was flipping out (I'll share some of those photos later, as I do have a few I really want to share from the day) and I have nothing with him smiling. *sigh*

I like this one ... but it's not canvas worthy, is it? I still want to get it printed bigger though. I'm not sure the colors are right. I'm playing with a few different actions to get a different look. I'd love CC on the processing.


Aug272010_0023 16x20

And here I applied a canvas texture just to see how that would look ... not sure if that even makes sense to do as I don't know how accurate it is.

Aug272010_0023 canvas

(posted Adobe RGB photos earlier, they're fixed now)

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I have made a canvas of a snap of my eldest kid, just because I liked it. I don't think it shows that much grain (?) as you have showed in your edited photo.

I'd say if you like the picture and you want a canvas of it then go for it.
I am at work with somewhat uncalibrated monitor (ha), so take my CC on your processing loosely. I would do a curves layer (to pop them up) on this and warm them up a bit, picture looks a tad cool. I am not crazy about the background as it doesn't really add anything to the picture. Your little boys expression, isn't really helping the picture. He looks to be in pain, I know you didn't ask for CC on this, but just the first thing that stood out.

But like I said if you really like the picture, I would go ahead and blow it up. Smile

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I think it depends on your motive. If you just a photo that you love of your kids to have hanging up, then why not do a canvas? These are your babies and this is your home! But if you are wanting to showcase your art and promote yourself with it, then I would say it isn't your strongest work.
As for CC on the shot, the background is pretty busy and the legs/bottom of feet/etc make this look less polished. I think a different crop might help, and maybe trying a black and white? I hope you don't mind this play (just a crop and conversion). It is private and I will take it down if you like. I tried to crop leaving as much of your watermark in as possible.

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You're right, it's far from my best work. I want a canvas of my kids but I also want to showcase my work. It just is a challenge because I have great photos of my kids individually or in pairs, but not as a group of four. I know I could do a collage, but I really don't want a collage on canvas. I do appreciate the play and crop (that's a nice conversion!).

I'm just gonna keep trying ...

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I do like the pic, but I'm thinking maybe not for a canvas, especially if you do want it to showcase your work. A lot of the canvases I've seen seem to be more "artsy", IYKWIM. Friends of ours from church have a wall in their home that features four small-ish canvases (maybe 8x8 or 10x10) - one of each of their four kids. Each one is in B&W and each one has their child leaning in some way against a tree. A few of the kids look serious and one is laughing. The effect of all four of them is really wonderful. So, maybe something like that? Or, if you want all of them in the same shot, can you have them all hold hands and walk across a field and take the shot from the back (or the front?) I dunno - just throwing some things out there that are coming to my mind. I love those wrapped canvases though!

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If your budget is anything like mine, then I understand why you've been waiting for a true 'canvas-worthy' shot. I say get yourself a nice big print and frame it. I'd *personally* hold out for the canvas.


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I don't know what to say. It's a cute shot, but I don't know if I would put it on a canvas. With that being said though, it's so hard to get that perfect shot of all 4 smiling and looking, so I understand why you would be perfectly satisfied with this one. You do what your heart is telling you! Biggrin