Is this a decent deal for a camera purchase?

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Is this a decent deal for a camera purchase?

I'm DYING to get a camera. Seriously it's driving me insane using my p&s and trying to do anything!

I don't need anything major, just something I can control.

Someone told me that the stock lens isn't that great and I can get a decent deal on Amazon for one, so is this a good deal? I've been stalking ebay for a used one, but if I could get a new one with warranty for less than the used ones, I'd rather do that.

But my head is spinning from information overload, so this could be a crappy deal and I'd have no idea Smile

any input/advice is appreciated!


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I love my canon, If its what you want, go for it Biggrin you'll love it!


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I would do my research on that company as well. I did a quick search and the first 2 results for "digital hawks reviews" were scam/rip off notices. I would suggest ordering from a more reputable company. I would look at places like Amazon, BH Photo, Adorama, or your normal Best Buy's and stores like that. BTW - Amazon has this body for $499, no tax, and free shipping and you'll feel much safer going with a deal like that. I've ordered a lot of my camera gear from there and never had a problem