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decisions decisions

I've been saving up all of my birthday/christmas money in order to purchase a new prime lens--either the 35mm or the 85mm. I have about $300 saved to date. I just got an email from Adobe offering an upgrade from Elements 6 to CS4 for $299. I would LOVE to upgrade and this is an AMAZING price, but am wondering if I should use all my money for that and ditch the dream of a new lens for quite a long time.
What would you do? The only DECENT lens I have at the moment is the 50 1.8.

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Personally?? I would go for the lens because you could make do with elements 6, plus you could spend your time trying to nail it in camera so that you don't have to do much pp, kwim?

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hmmm... that is a tough one, but Id have to disagree with the pp. I think Id go for the cs4, just because you would be able to do so much more with it. There are tons more freebies out there for the full cs programs. It would be a tough call, either one is going to make you one happy camper! lol