Did I do the wrong thing...my trip to the camera store

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Did I do the wrong thing...my trip to the camera store

I went to the camera shop today to get a remote shutter release(YAY) but while I was waiting to be served I was listening to the sales guy trying to sell this guy a camera.

He was selling the Canon 40D so so hard to this guy, especially pointing out that he could put the camera on the little green square and fire away. the customer was really buying his talk and kept going through all the wonderful features and talking so fast I could barely understand him and I have the camera he was 'selling'

The guy was looking really confused and when I asked for the shutter release the sales guy asked me what camera I had and I said the 40D

The customer asked me if I liked the camera and of course I said yes, he then asked me about it and I answered a few questions and he asked me if he should buy it.

I asked him exactly he wanted to take pictures of and how often he though he would use it and basically it was just to take pics of the kids on a weekend or special occasion. I also asked if he had any interest in using the other functions of the camera or planned to use it more than just to point and shoot. He said that was all too technical for him but that he wanted a decent zoom and fast point and shooting at whatever the moment was.

I suggested a couple of the top line point and shoots, I'd used the olympus one before the 40D and recommended that one. He decided to buy that instead of the 40D.... sales guy not impressed with me though :rolleyes:

Did I do the right thing??

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I think you did. The guy got what he wanted and I am sure he will be very happy with his new purchase. I agree that getting a full DSLR to take the odd P&S shot on full auto is just silly and most likely a waste of money unless he knew he really wanted to learn to make full use of the camera. So well done you, never mind what the sales rep thought.

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I think you did the right thing as well! I bet he is happy he didn't spend all that money and I bet a high end P&S is much better for what he wants to use it for. I know I'd be happy. Smile I know of a few people around here who own DSLR's only to use it as a fast P&S. If they have the money and are willing to spend that much then so be it but they aren't really getting their money's worth in my eyes. So many possiblities with a dsrl that if you aren't even the least bit interested in exploring all of the other functions then that is money down the drain. Thats what got me started on wanting a dslr in the first place. When i saw a couple we know that has a canon xti and were only using it as a p&S (i asked) and here i was with a little p&s wanting to use much more than what I had. Anyway sorry rambling Smile I think all sales people should do that but of course they just want to make that sale.

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You so did the right thing! The sales person may be "upset" that he didn't sell the more expensive camera, but the guy will be happy! It's that what the sales person is supposed to do? Help you find the right camera for your use? Good for you for helping that guy out!

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If I was the customer, I'd be grateful for your help. If he had no interest in using the "extra" functions of the camera, then you helped him buy what he really came in to get. So yes, you did the right thing.

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i wouldn't feel guilty at all for saying what you...i think you did the right thing too. Obviously as a sales person, he's in it for the sale and proably some commission. Good for you for being honest with another customer Smile

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"coolmama72" wrote:

If I was the customer, I'd be grateful for your help. If he had no interest in using the "extra" functions of the camera, then you helped him buy what he really came in to get. So yes, you did the right thing.

Ditto to this. I think you were right. That guy truly knows that you were there to HELP him, and not make him spend his $.

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Ditto! You totally did the right thing. The sales guy should have listened to the customer and suggested based on his needs. You did just that.

Now...just curious...what olympis P&S did you reccommend? I REALLY want a decent p&s...the shutter lag on mine is killing me!

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The guy was probably stressed and caught in a sales trap! You helped him get out of it and get a better camera for him

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Thanks people.

I'm always cautious when giving advice.

Jess, here is a link to the camera I had. Its an awesome point and shoot and the macro capability on it is quite fantastic, its easy to use and very very light http://www.photoreview.com.au/Olympus/reviews/advanced/olympus-sp570-uz.aspx


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You definitely did the right thing! I'm sure the guy was grateful for you steering him in the right direction, and shame on the sales guy for not listening to what his customer really needed.

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