Did you see....

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Did you see....

the ILP cover page?


Everyone gets a lucky shot now and then. I think this is one of mine. But I was still pretty excited about it! I hope that you all don't mind me sharing.

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just posted on ILP but had to come here and say CONGRATS!!! That is adorable!!! I totally love that shot and think it was completely worthy of not only ILP cover, but a mag cover too! Smile WTG Stephanie!!

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I saw it!!! Smile Congratulations!

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Congrats! It's a great shot.

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I hadn't seen that yet!!! Congrats for making the cover! What a great shot too, they are too cute!

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Love it! Congrats!

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that's awesome!!!!!

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Aw!!! Congrats! I haven't been to ILP in a few days. That's awesome!

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You certainly deserve it.

Well done


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That's great!

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Thanks ladies!

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I saw this and was sooooooo excited for you! Beautiful shot!!!

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I thought I recognized that watermark!! Such a great pic and congratulations!! What an honor Biggrin