Did you see this article, "The New Wedding Guest?"

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Did you see this article, "The New Wedding Guest?"

It really impacted me. I have a couple of weddings coming up (as a guest, not the photographer), and I had planned to bring my camera. Now I am thinking that maybe I will leave it at home. At least, I will put it away for the key moments if I do bring it...
The New Wedding Guest

Thought I would share- it is food for thought!

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Thank you for sharing, I am a shutter bug, I plan to share this with my friends and family. And from now on when I am invited to a wedding I will try and keep things away unless I am asked to bring it.

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I agree with the author but also with most of the people commenting.

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It's kind of a tricky subject, really. I think that guests at the wedding need to be aware of the photographer, and not get in the way. But it's just as important to have those snap shots as it is to have the professional photos.

I struggle a lot with just leaving my camera behind, because I have a horrible memory, and forget a lot. If I have all the photos to look back on, they can jog my memory and help me relive the moment. Drew gets upset with me sometimes when I snap a lot of pictures, but it's my way of remembering. He has a fantastic memory, so he just doesn't understand.

I guess that's a bit off topic....