disappointed with last nights session

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disappointed with last nights session

Had a shoot last night where the lighting was a little more tricky. It was overcast and I was shooting in the shade.
I can't for the life of me get the colors right and was wondering if someone would have time to play and then share your steps. Skintones are my nemesis!

400 1/500 2.5

800 1/125 4.5--looking too green to me, but adding magenta isn't helping me!

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I'm at work w/ an unreliable monitor, but they both look heavy on the magenta to me. Especially the first one. Greens look fine to me in both. I would try dialing down the magenta a bit. On the second one, the skin tones on the legs/arms looks OK. It really seems to just be the faces, so I would try using masks and just working in that area.

Best of luck!


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I have to recalibrate but I agree I see heavy magentas and the greens look good. On the one that looks a bit brighter you could add red in the yellow tones or red to the nut. tones in SC. Then use your masking to mask back the skin.

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I can see how all the green from your setting/background could cause you to "see green" but I am also seeing a lot of magenta in the skin tones, especially the dad. I would also work a tighter crop on the first one, having all of their legs and fet chopped off bothers me and it is really unflattering for the mom. You have a gorgeous location!

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Opened in ACR
Temp +5 yellow
Tint -11 green
Brought down exposure -0.50
Added some fill light +10
in PS - curves layer

Not sure how you can re-crop this (or if this was in camera crop) Mom will not like this image, her legs widened out from sitting and since she's wearing shorts, it drawns your attention right to them. Have the parents stand, and the kids sit next time.


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Can't comment on skin or colors, but Stacey's edit looks really nice.

I like how you've set the family, but I agree with the leg chops.