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Hi, hoping some of you remember me. I haven't posted a whole lot here, and nothing recently. I'm so disheartened with my photography. Basically, every single shot I have taken recently is just horrible. I can't seem to get exposure at all, my composition is terrible, my white balance is all over the place and so is my focus. I'm still solely shooting on manual, but feel like I'm missing so many opportunities for clear (obviously not perfect) shots and just keep getting more crap (sorry) photos. Ugh. Sorry. I'll keep on trying, just wanted to get that off my chest Sad

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I'm with you, Gemma - seems like if I remember one thing, I forget the next!

But I did enjoy your pictures when you would post in the COTW threads and I definitely could see growth and progression.

Post some for CC so the other smart ladies on this board can give you some pointers! (and maybe I should do the same. Wink )

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I know exactly what you mean. When I get in a funk like that, I make sure that I take photos of still subjects. I feel like I'm constantly chasing after my kids, and then I am not paying attention to my settings, and I get a bunch of crap. What helped me was practicing on nature things that don't run away from me Wink If it didn't turn out right, I'd just try again on the same thing.

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I've been in a bit of a funk too with photos too, don't let it bring you down. Definitely post a couple for some CC, maybe some of these kind ladies can help.

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we ALL go through these phases. Stephanie had some great advice on practicing w/ still objects. for me, both white balance and focus seem to be issues with which I am always struggling. when it really starts to bug me, I will sometimes switch to aperture priority mode and let the camera handle shutter speed. that's at least one less thing to worry about then. Once I get back in a rhythm, I switch back to full manual mode.

If there is any one element you would like to work on, let me know - maybe we could make that one of our 'monthly assignment' threads where we all work on it together.

Remember ... we're all here to help one another as we all try to learn and grow.


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I agree with Gigi...why not spend some time in either aperture or shutter priority modes for a while to nail down just one aspect of the exposure while allowing yourself a rest. At the wedding I shot just recently, aperture priority saved my life. I was in a situation where the light was just too constantly changing, so I wanted to focus on just one button (the exposure compensation button) to make sure I was getting the proper exposure. When I shot the portraits and the family shots I switched right back to manual...but when it's a shoot or die situation, it is not against the rules to use all of the tools your camera offers you.

Plenty of pros use priority modes in certain situations.

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Thanks ladies. I will upload some stuff tomorrow if I get a chance. I'm warning you, it is pretty dismal :(.

I don't feel like I'm improving at all and actually feel like I'm back-sliding.

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Don't get too down on yourself. It sounds like you need a break and you need to shoot only for YOURSELF. I struggle with this and feel as though my P52 has helped some.