DIY black background

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DIY black background

Hi Ladies!!!
I've been so absent here. I've been trying to start up my real job and it's so tough being a WAHM...I'm struggling with balance Smile I think I've used my camera 2-3 times in this past month!

Anyways, I am photographing a newborn tomorrow and they want some on a black background...which I do not have. I think I've read on here that some ladies use fleece and it works well. So I'm not really looking for a "DIY" necessarily, just a cheaper alternative to a black background from a photo store.

Thanks! Can't wait to catch up here!!!

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I bought some black t-shirt (jersey) cotton on clearance at the fabric store and have used that. The only time it's been a problem is if I'm doing a real macro shot, and then sometimes I've picked up the texture of the fabric. Otherwise, it works well for me. I double it up so light or other colours don't bleed through a little bit, depending where I'm using it.

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Yep, fleece works great! I also use a black sheet that's extra thick.

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I use black spandex. It comes out really really black and never wrinkles.

It's really stretches too