DIY Camera Bag

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DIY Camera Bag

So, the title says it all. I've been jonesing for a new bag and not willing to foot the bill for a nice Epiphanie or Kelly Moore. Plus, everyone KNOWS you can't take good pictures without a cute bag, right....RIGHT?!

So, I searched the net high and low and found lots of tutorials for making your own out of a purse. I picked the best one (to me) and went on the search for the right bag. I found an awesome bag at Target, made by Mossimo. It fit MY criteria. It was small enough that I could carry it every day, it had a zipper closure, and it was the right size.

This is the tutorial I used

Here's the bag:
2011-02-18 01

I bought the bag ($30), about 1/3 of a yard of 1 inch foam, 2/3 of a yard of 1/2 inch foam (together $7), and a yard of pretty fabric ($4.50) (I have foam left over). I brought everything home and measured the inside of my bag. I cut the 1 inch foam for the bottom and two pieces of 1/2 inch foam for the sides. I measured out the fabric and sewed them into a pillow case then inserted each piece of foam and sewed together. I also sewed a few dividers so that my equipment doesn't bump in there. It is all explained better (and with pictures) in the tutorial above.

2011-02-18 02

2011-02-18 03

So, what does it hold? It holds my Canon 50D with Sigma 30mm lens attached. My Canon 70-200L 4 lens laying on it's side and my speedlight. I've been able to put 1 of my extension tubes in there with the flash without any bulk. In the small pockets on the front I've got my extra batteries and memory cards. This is THE PERFECT bag for me. I can (and will) carry it as a normal purse, because there's room for wallet, cell, etc. And it isn't crazy bulky.

And just because Rylee can't stand that I didn't set all of this up for she is with the bag Smile
2011-02-18 04

ETA: Forgot to mention, this bag also comes with a messenger style strap that hooks on the sides. Only problem is, with the weight of the equipment, it sits kind of funny. I'm going to have to work on's definitely another reason why I chose this bag.

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Omg, I LOVE this bag! Great job! I may just have to give this a try. I have a good camera bag, but not really one that all that practical to be lugging around all the time. plus it's not pretty, at all! *gasp*


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I had such a hard time picking the color. I REALLY wanted a funky color bag, but the only options for this bag were metallic silver, black with silver trim, or white with silver trim. Made this one so cheap, I can make another one and rotate Wink

Oh, and what a great use of my new white seamless paper!

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Darn! I thought I had the perfect purse to use..went to look for it, gone. Boooo. I forgot I finally gathered up all my old purses/bags and got rid of them. Kicking myself in the butt now!

Ah well, guess I'll be going out to look for something new Smile

And yes, what lovely white seamless you have there lol

ETA: Rylee is super adorable!

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OK I am a purse addict (most people don't know that about me haha) and I LOVE this one. It is awesome that you turned it into a camera bag. I can SO do this, and use it for a purse too! It looks like it'll fit both my cameras & all my lenses & everything! So cool. Thanks for posting it!

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This is incredible! I love that you can dictate the style of bag and color of the interior to your exact taste. Oh, the possibilities! Awe-someeeee! Smile

I wish I had a crafty bone in my body. I'd probably mangle my fingers if I tried to use a sewing machine! (Lets just say my experience in 8th grade home-ec wasn't pretty, haha!)

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VERY COOL! Thanks for sharing!

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Looks great!!! Awesome job! And I, too, am jealous of your craftiness.

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Great job on the bag its cute and practical, love it.

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that is awesome!!! I had thought about doing the same thing, but ended up having a custom bag made (birthday present from DH). I'm loving the pockets on yours. and how great that the big lens fits in it so well!

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That is really neat. You did a fantastic job. My camera bag is so not pretty!