Do these look soft to you?

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Do these look soft to you?

Johannes and Ry on the bed 066 WEB

Johannes and Ry on the bed 061 WEB

TIA! :icecream:

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Not to me. The eyes seem pretty sharp from where i'm standing. What an adorable chubba Biggrin Love your catchlights

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Nope they look gorgeous!

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They look pretty good to me! I would say the 1st is a tad sharper than the second, but I certainly would not class either one as soft. Lovely shots!

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Hmmm...I have it the other way around Kerry. The first one is a touch soft and the 2nd is pretty sharp. I looked at the larger version and the lips on the first one are definitely soft. However, neither is soft enough to matter to me. Both images look great and I'd happily use both.

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Thank you, thank you! You guys are the best!

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I commented on the larger version on ILP, but I will here too Smile I think the bangs are a little sharper than the eyes, suggesting the focus fell there, but when viewed smaller like this, the eyes look sharp too

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they look good to me. Smile beautiful baby! (nice work!)

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