Which do you like better?

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Which do you like better?

Which one do you like better? What do you think of the comp? Is the purple sky silly?

#1. DH throwing Ryken

IMG_4991 by willis2485, on Flickr

#2. DH throwing Sully and Ryken standing nearby

IMG_5001 by willis2485, on Flickr

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The sky color doesn't bother me at all.

This is a tough call! I like the silhouette in the first picture better. I like the landscape crop and hillside comp in the second one.

Hmm...my first impression was #1...not sure if it is because I saw it first...? Very cute!

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I like the purple sky but I thing they should come forward a bit so they are a little larger. (Not much just a little) I could not pick one so I asked my dh lol. He said he likes the first one better and he looked and said the 1st one within seconds like he was for sure lol.

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I like the first better. I like it more, because no one is engaged with Ryken in the second one. He's just kind of off on his own and looks a bit out of place. I'm just not sure on their placement in the comp on the first one. I feel like there needs to be more room to the right of the frame. Do you have some more? If not, maybe try stretching the canvas or adding in some space in the canvas and cloning the sky and hill in. The sky color looks fine to me Smile