Do you sharpen for printing?

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Do you sharpen for printing?

I'm trying to get together my images for printing the test images at the lab and I don't know if I need to sharpen for print or not. Does anyone here do that? Is it easier than the google search results I found?

Seriously, it'll take me 2 days to google each of the terms/steps that I find listed in the "how to sharpen for print" tutorials I see. Maybe I should youtube search it.

Or is this something I need to do at all?

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I don't usually, mainly because I've found that trying to sharpen full-size files doesn't do much at all most of the time. Anyone else?

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I don't sharpen for print. If I do, it would be subtle - I would unsharp mask then do 75, 2, 3.

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I do sharpen for web depending on the image, but not very often.

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I do. I run MCP's action for print sharpening. I was finding that 8x10 and larger prints were coming back softer than they should. So now I always sharpen for print.

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I dont usually sharpen for print, thought I've never printed over a 5x7 of one of my photos. I was all worried about it at first but the last few orders I havent sharpened and I havent noticed