Does it work?

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Does it work?

Mommy goggles?

IMG_4317-2bwweb by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

Not sure if his mouth being covered by the blanket works or not.

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I love it because it plays up the mischevious, happy light in his eyes. The eye contact is priceless. Plus it makes me think of all the fun cuddle sessions I've had with my kiddos. You've captured that moment perfectly.

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Oh yeah, it totally works for me! I think his mouth being hidden adds to the image, personally. It creates the sense of "mischief", like he's playing/peeking and having fun. And you can see the smile in his eyes, which adds to it. Really wonderful image, Steph!

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I agree, mouth hidden makes it more fun b/c it adds so much! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I would print this up huge! That's the type of photo I love!

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Oh, I was hoping you'd all say that! To me (being his mom), it totally shows his personality, and I'm glad you all see that too.

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The mouth being hidden doesn't worry me at all, although, I think I'd prefer a slightly tighter crop

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I completely agree with the PP who said I would blow that up. It is just wonderful!

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I agree with everyone else wonderful shot.

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Love it! You got some great light in his eyes!