Doing my own fall photos.

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Doing my own fall photos.

I've had a bad experience with Natalie's school photographer, 2 years ago she never got Natalie's pictures done cause Natalie wasn't co-operating and the photographer didn't come back for a retake, last year every shot was blurred.

This year I have decided to do her photos myself either at the lake or at a local park. I would like to set aside Saturday to do them but am wondering when the optimal time of day is, we don't get up early for the morning golden hour and I don't want to deal with a cranky 3 year old in the evening. So what would you say are the best times for doing portraits outdoors?

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I'm still going to say evening golden hour. Could you put her down for a late nap, and bring some non-messy snacks with you? Break up the session with some light playing in between.

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I too have to say evening golden hour!! I did fall pics of Eva at the golden hour at a county park last fall and was so happy with them, I still am in love with them.

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To be honest, the golden hours are both hard for me and my family as well. I would say to seek open shade places and then go when the time is best for you, perhaps late afternoon/early evening when the sun is not quite as harsh and gives lots of opportunities for directional light.

FWIW ... I don't do school photos any more either. Well ... I buy the class photo, but I don't bother w/ the individual pics. However, what I do is on the day that the school is taking pics, I get Loli dressed up (he needs the photo for the year book anyway) and then we snap a few before school. I have to find open shade areas around our house, but thankfully I have a nice deep porch on both the front (west facing) and back (east facing) side of our home that I am able to use.

Good luck and be sure to share your results here!


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I too love the evening golden hour. I like Stephanie's idea of non- messy snacks and a late nap! GiGi had some great ideas as well in case the golden hour doesn't work for you! We don't but the school photos either. I kind of feel like a bad mom, but I like the ones that we take better!