Don't Be Afraid to CC

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Don't Be Afraid to CC

Just wanted to throw this out to those of you who feel like you're not qualified to offer CC.

Giving good, thoughtful, and honest CC helps you as a photographer. Seriously! It's important to try and give CC....especially when you feel unqualified to do so. It really helps you recognize the good, the bad, the effective, and the ineffective in photography which can only help and feed your skill as an artist.

Everyone is qualified to say what they do and don't like...even non-photographers. It's a great exercise to not just say...I don't like that photo...but to try to identify what you don't like and try to figure out what could make something better. If you can do that for someone else's photos, it will inform and alter your own work.

Putting soapbox back in closet. Thank you.

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True, thanks! It has helped me immensely not only reading CC but also participating in critiquing photos over the past year that I've been here.

edit: I think the reason I said it at first on the Pre-pro thread was from the viewpoint that HHCC would be best given based on knowing what the "judges" specifically expect out of you when they evaluate your pre-pro sets; which I don't know a lot about.....

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I don't know why I'm always so afraid to CC photos
That's why I usually don't ask for it

But I could learn so much if I participated more
Thanks for posting this
I guess I need to grow a pair and stop being so shy and insecure :0)

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That is very true. I still don't feel qualified sometimes, but I CC anyways, and just word it that its just my opinion, or just what I think. I think its also important for people to recognize that CC is the opinions of others, and you don't always have to agree with them. It's still good to hear what they think.

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Thank you for posting this. I'm one of those who doesn't feel like she should offer CC because I'm not "qualified to". You're right in that it would help me learn. Plus it is good to have give and take Smile

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Thanks for that, I am going to try my hardest to try offer CC after that little pep talk Smile

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You hit it right on the head, Amber.

I'm with Lauren in that I don't often feel 'qualified' but I force myself to offer my opinion anyway. And one of the best things that has come of it for me is not only recognizing mistakes and how to correct them, but to identify what I *personally* like about a photo as well. I have seen so many photographers that have an original style - Amber is one of them, for example. And I imagine that she is able to achieve that consistent style in her work because she knows what she likes to see in her own work.

That is what I am trying to do ... identify what I like and then try and deliver it in my own photos.

Anyway ... off of my soap box too. Wink


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You know, this is so true, and I'm so guilty of it! I noticed lately that I have just been looking at everyone's posts and haven't been commenting on them. In order for me to learn and grow, I need to at least start guessing about specific things that I like or don't like in other people's photos.

I've always felt like I'm lightyears away from where some of you are, and that wouldn't even know where to beging with pointing out any flaws, because I don't see them haha! I need to get away from this mindset!

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I am most definitely guilty of this! I don't know why really, but I just feel all shy about giving CC, or that because I'm just starting out, my opinion will just seem "silly"
I should really just get over it and start chiming in more, I really do want to learn as much as I can!

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here here!

I need to get out of lurkdom more often and offer up some CC....heck I think I just need to participate more. Period. I'll do my best!

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Totally agree with this thread. Don't be afraid. We are all learning here.

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Totally guilty of that too. I'm very afraid of saying something stupid, or not technically correct. Especially since I've been at this only about 7 months, and many of you have been behind the camera for years and make money at it. You make good points, though, in that, while critiquing others, I might actually learn something from what I'm saying myself. Very insightful. Thanks, Amber!

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You are right Amber. **hanging my head in shame** I am bad about not CC a lot of the ones I used to watch on here as a lurker. I get nervous and don't feel qualified enough. I will do my best to CC from now on! THANKS!

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Adding to this thread: just because one has been doing photography for sometime compare to others, does not mean that person knows everything. Again, every one learns at their own pace and someone might be pointing something out that has been over looked.

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Thank you for this thread! I agree with everything you said completely, and I am going to lose my fear!

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This is the reason I didn't post for so long...I felt unqualified to CC other people's work. But I really do agree with what you're saying! It makes total sense. Smile

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Great thread! I must find more time! I lurk often and post little as there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I admit that even though I have shooting for 3 years, I still don't have the confidence I would like, I still doubt myself and should post more for cc as well as give it when I can.

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I CC when I've found others haven't spotted what I did, but don't feel the need to repeat what has been said. If you don't agree with my CC's I won't be offended, photography is an art, so sometimes what I like may vary from what others like.