don't forget: Bokeh challenge ends 8/1

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don't forget: Bokeh challenge ends 8/1

Hey Guys!

We've got just over a week left for submissions for the Bokeh COTW.

I've seen quite a few awesome examples of nice bokeh posted in threads over the last 2 weeks. Let's pick some of those and get them entered or go and and shoot some new ones and get THEM up for everyone to see!

Voting will begin on Monday, August 2nd.


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I can't decide what I'm going to enter! Also, I have a bunch of "more interesting" or "creative" ones that I took in RAW that are bogging my home pc down as they batch-convert to JPG over the past 2 days Sad they're still being converted as I type lol

I'll be entering something, for sure, though! Smile

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whoops...wrong thread. Fixed now.

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Will try to drag my kid tomorrow and participate in the COTW... aaah

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I really need to start doing these challenges to give me some practice. I'll see what I can do this weekend!