dramatic lighting for c&c

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dramatic lighting for c&c

I've got a shoot coming up later this week and the guy wants to try some shots w/ some rather dramatic lighting. I've never done that before, so DH consented to a 15 minute test run last night (he would have given me longer, but that was all the time we had really).

I'd love your feedback on these. I'm pretty happy overall (though I do see room for improvement), but I wanted to make sure it wasn't just b/c I think the guy is HOT. Wink

All shots were taken w/ my 50mm at around f/6.3-f/8 iso 100 with one AB800 light to camera right. On some shots, I cloned in the background (it wasn't long enough), but since this is just for practice, I did a quick and dirty job and you can tell. I'm not really looking for C&C about that, more the overall effect and where you think I can improve with using the shadows/light to create a dramatic portrait effect.



fyi ... the guy I'm shooting on Thursday is an MMA fighter, thus the 'fighting stance' pose



I do have to say ... I'm one lucky wife! Biggrin

TFL guys!!!


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I don't really know much about studio lighting yet, but I think you've totally achieved the look your going for... They look super dramatic! Good job!

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# 2 is completely awesome! LOVE it!

You definitely have this look down!

And yeah well the 'subject' is rather gorgeous Biggrin

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I'd say you achived dramatic lighting. #4 you can see his shadow behind him. Not sure if that's very appealing

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GiGi, I think these are GREAT! I LOVE it! I think you are definitley going to achieve the MMA look! I think #4 is my least fav b/c of the shadow, but the rest are GREAT! I agree, he is very handsome and this look, looks good on him! Wink

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GiGi, these look great! I don't feel like the last two have the true dramatic lighting though. Carlos is looking mighty fine! Smile And I love your conversions here. The fighting stance one is terrific. I can't wait to see what you achieve with this shoot.