"dreamy" effect? UPDATED
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Thread: "dreamy" effect? UPDATED

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    Default "dreamy" effect? UPDATED

    I have a friend who just paid out a bundle to a "professional" photographer who uses an ethereal/dreamy effect on a ton of her pictures. It is just a cloudy white haze around the border of the photo... I know it is probably super simple to do... but I need to know where to start. I think it is kind of a cheesy effect personally, but I know a lot of people like it too...

    I made it work a couple of ways: using a white layer at low opacity and the masking back in the photo main parts of the photo (as suggested); OR using a duplicate of my background layer, applying the gaussian blur, lowered the opacity and the masking back in the details.
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    you could try a white fill layer with a lowered opacity. Then mask out at different opacity's. (if that makes any sense)

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    No clue but Ive got one picture that Id love to do this with.

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    Okay I tried it on a pic but couldn't put it up because it looked way too cheesy!
    But here is what I did. Or you could do what Andie said if you want the effect on the whole pic instead of just the edge.

    Create a new layer
    Fill it using the paint bucket with white
    Select a rectangle just inside the outside edge of the pic
    refine the edge and then hit backspace to remove the center
    change the opacity to your liking
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    I only have PaintShop Pro 8.1 but I use the oval mask that has the fading ovaled edges, masking overtop the photo and using any background color.

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