Easter Photo gone bad... wrong... sad... scary?

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Easter Photo gone bad... wrong... sad... scary?

Ok, disclaimer, no babies OR chicks were hurt during this time period!!!

I told my 3 year old to "hold the chicken"

What does she do says "Chicken" and goes to... ahem... eat the chicken... :eek:

AND sadly I take some fast photos before she can let it officially meet her mouth!

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OOPS Biggrin

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okay, that's pretty funny!

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ROFL That's too cute! Great capture!

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Makes me giggle Smile

Too cute!

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That is precious!!! Great catch!

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I tihnk that's hilarious! At I think it would work well for pg.org's april baby photo contest http://www.pregnancy.org/bulletinboards/announcement.php?f=239&a=246

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