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Edit ideas

Ok, so I know this one is blurry. I just noticed how blurry it actually is. Wondering though if someone can help me - assume no blurriness - how would you "edit" this photo? I am unfamilar with the photoshop program and wondering thru your eyes how you would edit this?

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DH is going to be mad I'm on here instead of cleaning, but I need a break!

I had a go at it. First seeing it I knew I wanted it to be BW. The colors are nice, but I think this kind of photo would make for a nice timeless BW. I did my adjustments in Lightroom and then exported into CS5 because I decided that I couldn't get a crop I liked with the current photo.

In CS5 I did some cloning and added on the left side of the photo to make a more pleasing composition. I adjusted levels, curves, and a bit more contrast. I then duplicated the whole background layer and did a soft light adjustment and lowered the opacity. Did a quick sharpen. Looking at it now I could have done a bit more sharpening. Total adjustments about 5 minutes or less.

Coloring may be a bit off as I'm working on just my laptop because my whole desk is in shambles. This is calibrated, but I don't trust it one bit.


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Wow, Jennifer - thanks, it really has shown/proven to me that I can take one of my pictures and make it look really good. That is what I wanted to see - it gives me encouragement. My DH said we have Lightroom so maybe I will have to practice in that. Thanks so much. I thought black and white but then I was not sure how that would look and it does look better!

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There are plenty of tutorials online, some even give images of what to do, the internet is a a great resource don't be afraid to use it. I tend to create a copy of the image that I want to modify then just play.

I'm at work right now so I can't do any plays for you (when I get started I lose hours). But you could sharpen it up a bit and there is a spot I noticed on his shirt you could heal (looks like a bandaid) out.

I have to say it is a good shot and some PP could do wonders to it, I do like Jennifers play on it.

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Love your conversation play, Jennifer!!

What a cute shot!

Is there a spot on his shirt? Looks a lot like my sensor spot that still needs cleaned. That's easily removed, though! I remove mine with spot removal in LR.

I agree, Googling how to do things is a great way to learn! I've learned a lot of things by searching online for tutorials.

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Yeah - it was a stain on his shirt.

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I played with a few pics this weekend in Photo Impact, a program we have that is no longer made. It helped the pics a lot! My husband thinks photoshop will overwhelm me, but there are more tutorials online for PS than for Photo Impact so maybe i will have to try it anyway